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We are a company dedicated to the area of ​​Window Cleaning and general contracting, made up of a group of qualified professionals with experience in the field. We are a professional and dedicated team that specializes in providing high quality cleaning services for all types of windows and glass surfaces.

We have a team of trained and experienced technicians who use equipment and techniques to ensure flawless results.

Our approach is based on safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We provide building
maintenance service

Exterior window cleaning

It is a specialized service that focuses on the cleaning and maintenance of windows and glass surfaces found on the exterior of buildings, houses and structures.

Inspection repair and cleaning of facades

It is a set of essential services to maintain the beauty and integrity of exterior structures, repairs and finally apply specialized cleaning techniques.

Painting Apartments

A service that is designed to transform your space and bring new life to your home. Our team apply their skills and experience to achieve a flawless finish.

Apartment Cleaning and Floors

Our apartment and floor cleaning service is designed to keep your home spotless and welcoming. Our team uses high-quality methods and products to remove dirt.

We love hosting our customers, so come anytime during office hours.

Wilson Medina


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